Aramis-International Is Warmly WELCOMING

All men and all women seeking for truth, freedom, love and peace.

Aramis-International welcomes anyone wishing to blossom sexually, alone or with others.

Aramis-International ardently encourages any homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, asexual and even heterosexual ... to openly live his or her sexuality as truly felt inside and to respect others as we ask to be respected in the expression of our own sexual identity and orientation. This is an essential condition for full development.

We value diversity in human sexuality just as we find it in nature. It simply reflects the expression of infinity.

We adhere to the atheist creationist theory which states that life on Earth was created by the perfect mastery of genetic engineering by a scientific civilization from another planet. Consequently we understand that sexual diversity was originally intended since all possibilities exist throughout infinity.

Religions, which knowingly conveyed guilt and lies about sexual diversity, and still do, will disappear because they affect the spiritual development of human beings.

Not believing anymore, but thanks to science trying to understand, blossoming in conscious pleasure, living happiness, spreading love and respect; this is the mission that sexual minorities, as they are called today, will have to play in the future. Universal peace also depends on them.