An Argentinean Bishop resigns because of homosexuality

November 08 2006, category: Headlines : Americas, by: admin
An Argentinean bishop resigned shortly after the diffusion of a videotape showing his sexual frolicking with a 23 year old young man; this, according to the Argentinean press which stated Monday that the bishop had apologized.
(Picture: Mgr Maccarone)

This video was addressed to the ecclesiastical authorities of Argentina, to the Vatican and to several press representatives, according to two Argentinean daily newspapers.

These two newspapers claim that the diffusion of the video precipitated the resignation of the bishop of Santiago del Estero, accepted straight away by the Vatican, and officially announced in Buenos Aires by the apostolic nuncio, the ambassador of the Vatican. In this official statement, the nunciature in Buenos Aires refers to a section of the canonical law which allows for the resignation of a bishop for health reasons or serious problem preventing him from assuming his duty.

The spokesperson for the bishop specified that Mgr Maccarone 64 years old, had resigned for health reasons and never admitted having had a homosexual relationship. However, on Monday, the Argentinean press stated that the bishop had apologized to the priests and to the followers in his diocese. The Argentinean Episcopal conference did not made any comment on this case that is shaking the church of this country where a very vast majority of the population is catholic.

The Argentinean press evokes a political revenge to explain the diffusion of this video that, according to Clarin, was realized with the complicity of the young man, because of the tense relations between the bishop and the political leaders of Santiago del Estero.
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