Did bishop Maccarone really sin?

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Toronto, August 29 2005

After the resignation of the bishop Maccarone in Argentina for having been surprised in a flagrant homosexual act, one sees at last what lies behind the homophobia of the Catholic Church. It is universally recognized that a homophobic person is a person who castigates homosexuals from left to right; but most of the time, this attitude hides a latent homosexuality or one that wants to express itself.

The scandal that shakes Argentina with the resignation of bishop Maccarone is not an exception and clearly shows why the Catholic church is homophobic: because it hides in its organisation numerous priests and "Monsignors" who cannot live their sexual orientation in the open in a homophobic Church and that frustrated by this, the only thing they can do is to denigrate homosexuals while hiding their own discomfort in their sexuality.

Far from condemning the bishop, it is the Catholic Church that we condemn. A man does not have to apologize for being homosexual! By apologizing, Mr. Maccarone literally would insult the entire Argentinean homosexual community and the entire world. Why apologize for being who he was, for being truthful.

Instead of apologizing to his faithful followers, Mgr Maccarone should rebel against the lies of his own Church!
-How can one be part of a Church that does not recognize him any rights?

- How can one be homosexual and be part of a Church that rejects him and does not recognize him as a human being, a Church that preaches love and refuses him the right to love and to be loved?

- How can one follow an allegedly just and merciful god, when he has his favourites?

- How can one be member of the clergy and live all these contradictions?

- When one is priest or Bishop, can he lie to himself and to those who believe in him an entire life?

It is therefore essential, in respect for Jesus and for his message of love for all humans, to say NO to this Catholic Church that betrays every day his message.

Aramis-Americas (Raelian association of sexual minorities; denounces vigorously the intolerance of this Church of obscure times, a homophobic and dangerous church.

Aramis-Americas therefore launches a great apostasy campaign in Latin America, a Latin America full of guilt and hurt by centuries of abuse and lies by a Church that should, not only talk about love but put it in action.

All Argentinean gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender, members of the clergy or not, any person thirsty for love and liberty are invited to liberate themselves from this imposed guilt from this discriminatory religion and to leave it by apostatizing (Visit Aramis-Americas invites them to join the last of the prophets: RAEL, who brings a message of love to all humanity without any restriction of race, sex, colour or sexual orientation (

The prophet RAEL had already announced that sexual orientation was genetic and science proved it before and still does.

Aramis-Americas says YES to love, YES to life! Aramis will continue in Argentina as in all of the Americas, its actions among politicians and governments, whether the Catholic Church wants it or not, for the total respect of the rights of sexual minorities (GLBTT).

These rights will be or the church will be no more!

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