Aramis Participate in 2014 Taiwan Gay Pride Parade

November 18 2014, category: Actions : Asia, by: English
On Oct. 25, 2014 (Raelian association for Sexual Minorities) participated in the 2014 LGBT Pride in Taiwan. Some of us took turns holding the banners, while others handed out flyers to spread messages of our philosophy and took pictures of the activity. We were all feeling joyful at this festival.

During the parade our big banners were quite conspicuous. Many people took pictures of them. The banners we held showed our philosophy, announcing it all comes from DNA and inclusive love will save the world.

There were many men dressed like women, and also many women dressed like men, they looked so gentle, so elegant and beautiful. Some of them were amazing and creative with their style and outfits.

We, Taiwan Raelians members of Aramis-International, joined the parade and enjoyed the atmosphere at the event. We had a beautiful day.

This is the 12th event of gay pride in Taiwan, there were so many people that participated, not only Taiwanese, people came from overseas also, we saw many stylish Japanese people, Hong Kong people and some westerners in exaggerated outfits.

It was a big parade in Taiwan. Taiwan pride alliance (2014 Taiwan LGBT pride organizers) estimated that there were over 65 000 participants. This was the biggest gay pride in the Asia area.

The purpose of the Aramis-international foundation is to support LGBT. Thanks to its founder, Rael, who is also the leader of Raelian movement, for bringing us the message of our creators that all sexual orientations were planned by them. Meanwhile, thanks to science, proving that all sexual orientation is innate and is all about the gene.

The equal right of LGBT in Asia has been neglected for long time. By taking this opportunity, we just learned from the gay pride organizers how Taiwan government treat LGBT. When government talks about the prevention of AIDS, they always said “the danger sexual behaviour between Gay caused AIDS overspreading…”. But actually, the government should focus on promoting the use of condoms by LGBT , but by heterosexuals as well.

The Taiwan government is standing on opposite side of LGBT, that’s why we must provide a big helping hand to support LGBT. That’s is also the concept of Aramis-International, – we respect and protect any person who freely chooses their life style and develop their born sexuality, this is a basic human right, and should apply to everyone,and should be protected by law.

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