Aramis-International​ support​s​ Bruce Jenner's decision to become a woman​

June 04 2015, category: Headlines : Americas, by: Sharon
Aramis-International​ (Raelian Association of Sexual Minorities​) support​s​ Bruce Jenner - now Caitlyn Jenner - decision to become a woman​.
Bruce has ​recently ​decided to undergo a sex change to become a woman saying that all his life he has felt like a woman​ ​trapped​ in a man's body.

A person's ​freedom to choose their own gender is very much a​ ​part of the Raelian philosophy​ which strongly encourages sexual fulfillment including a person's decision to ​change their gender, woman or man​, o​r anything in between! We send Bruce all of our LOVE & Respect.

Aramis-International ardently encourages any homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, asexual and even heterosexual, to openly live his or her sexuality as truly felt inside and to respect others as we ask to be respected in the expression of our own sexual identity and orientation. This is an essential condition for full development.​ ​We value diversity in human sexuality just as we find it in nature. It simply reflects the expression of infinity.

Science shows that a human being is a machine of pleasure. More the pleasure is presented in a person’s life better is ones health, happiness and life in general. We experience this pleasure through our senses, the more one develops and refines these senses the greater the pleasure will be experienced. One of the greatest pleasures is that of sexuality, but it has to be lived stripped of sin and guilt invented and created by traditional religions.
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