The First Official Gay Parade in Cartagena Colombia!

November 10 2008, category: Actions : Americas, by: admin
We arrived with our posters around 7 pm and the place was already packed!! From side walk to side walk for two kilometers on the main streets of Cartagena, people where there to support!!

As we were walking to make the line, the general coordinator, and official of the event, saw our banners and immediately invited us to join right in the front lines! We were the first impression of this magnificent event for all the media! We were the target of many TV cameras and reporters who were taking lots of pictures. They thought we were the organizers and kept asking us questions. We were able to give away lots of flyers.

At some point, one of the girls came with her mother and when she saw him all dressed up, the mother started screaming with all emotion this is my son! This is my son! She kept repeating it while she was crying and telling everyone these are our sons. We must love them!! It was such a special moment! We had great fun, can’t wait for the next one! Love to all Ruby-Colombia
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