Our Story

Our History

ARAMIS-INTERNATIONAL: The Raelian Association of Sexual Minorities was founded by Prophet RAEL in October 2004 (60AH) during his stay in Quebec, Canada.

Founder of the Atheist Religion: The International Raelian Movement, he was the first Spiritual Leader to claim, already in 1975 that:

  • The sexual orientation of any person is genetically programmed and not a lifestyle choice;

  • Homosexuality and bisexuality are ubiquitous in nature, contrary to what religions try to convince;

  • A mainly heterosexual society is an illusion; most humans are bisexuals;

  • During the creation of humanity by our Creators all sexual orientations were planned.

Rael has been the only Religious Leader to stand up for the rights of sexual minorities to live and flourish sexually, in complete freedom and equal in rights to all other human beings.

« Each person must live an harmonious sexual life corresponding to tastes and natural tendencies » Rael

The founding members of ARAMIS are Raelians and sympathisers to our philosophy who identify themselves as part of sexual minorities: homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, transgenders, bisexuals and even heterosexuals as we are aware that no sexual orientation could constitute a majority on Earth!

Aramis members agree with the Message given by the Elohim, Creators of humanity in laboratory and they support Maitreya Rael in spreading this new explanation to the GLBT community worldwide, about The Origin Of Mankind On Earth.

We find members of Aramis-International on all continents.

The acronym ARAMIS (Association Raëlienne des Minorités Sexuelles / Raelian association of sexual minorities) was chosen based on our philosophical alternative and on our sexual orientation.