STD Eliminated

Suppress Diseases

Thanks to a deep knowledge of molecular biology, to the advances in medicine and to hygiene measures applied rigorously, the eradication of sexually transmitted infections (STI) is possible in the very near future.

In recent years, science has made remarkable breakthroughs in the domain of human health... These findings might not yet be available to everyone, but by prioritizing financial resources in the field of health, instead of buying weapons, within a few years we can eradicate all diseases on the planet.

This includes all forms of infections and diseases that are transmitted sexually, which are simply health problems, just as any other disease. Often people are reluctant to talk about these diseases because they are ashamed of having contracted them; their religious backgrounds make them feel guilty about sexuality.

When these diseases will be eradicated, we will enjoy sex without fear of disease or infection. To get there, we need to replace the primitive beliefs by the latest knowledge in science and until that great day, to protect ourselves by a consistent use of the preservative (condom).

Since the foundation of his movement in 1973, during the Happiness Academy seminars that he gives on all continents, Maitreya Rael has always raised our awareness on the importance of protecting our body.