Forever Young

Forever Young

Living young and for a very long time... for pleasure!

In Western countries, life expectancy in 2014 is about 85 years and some current researches are letting us understand it will be between 120 and 200 years in the very near future. But research does not stop there! The average lifespan will soon reach 200 years and gradually will extend up to approximately 900 years.

Thanks to a surgery performed in early adulthood, the aging process will also be slowed down, allowing us to stay young and alert until the end of our lives.

Meanwhile, advances in electronics and robotics will gradually liberate humans from the obligation of working to support their needs. New technologies will allow robotizing all repetitive functions and everything everyone needs for living will be produced by specialized robots.

Since all humans will have free access from birth to all basic necessities and without consideration of work, only those whose "work" is fulfilling, as artists, athletes, researchers ... will continue to work for the pleasure it brings them. This is Paradism!

Biological sexual robots

The advancement in robotics, combined with that of biology, will permit to create biological robots provided with very pleasant human shapes. Some robots will be programmed to perform household chores, while others will specifically be designed to give pleasure to their owners.

These robots, whose sexual organs will be sterile, will also have no feelings and will not sense any physical or psychological pain; they will be programmed to meet the most unprecedented erotic fantasies of their masters.

Ref.: Yes to human cloning. Free download.