Pleasure & Happiness

A civilization of pleasure and happiness

All scientific and technological discoveries will gradually allow the emergence of a civilization of leisure. In this society devoid of any trace of guilt related to enjoyment, everything will be a matter of pleasure.

People will live a more fulfilled and happy life, so they will be more peaceful. When life will become extremely enjoyable, nobody will feel like being killed on the battlefield.

Education about happiness and pleasure, as taught during the Raelian Happiness Academies, becomes fundamental. When one grows up with the idea that we are born to be happy and that the pursuit of pleasure is healthy, everything around us becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration!
We then want to explore, play and enjoy these eternally renewed pleasures. To share our various pleasures for a few centuries, the vast majority of people will have a very large number of successive partners with whom they will live some long or shorter periods of happiness.