Homosexual Couple

Homosexual couples

Assisted reproduction for gay couples

Everyone has the right to live with the person of their choice. If homosexual couples want to have children, they have every right to do so. What is important for the development of children is to grow up in an environment where they are intensely loved. This is usually what happens with gay couples, as they have to overcome many social, legal and sometimes health obstacles to successfully adopt or conceive children. Therefore only those who really want children can succeed in this challenging process.

In several countries some studies have shown that children raised in LGBT families are as happy, if not more so than the children from heterosexual families because they are loved and supported with a level of love and care often above the average.

Already, many homosexual couples use (in-vitro) assisted reproduction and sometimes surrogate mothers. Soon, those who wish to do so will be able to choose the sex of their unborn child and, through preimplantation genetic diagnosis, ensure that only embryos without genetic defects will be implemented.

Thanks to reproductive cloning, homosexual couples will have the opportunity to conceive a child whose genetic makeup will be identical to that of one of the two partners. This baby will, somehow, be the "identical twin" of its unique biological parent. Although their physical resemblance will be very important, this baby will grow in completely different conditions and, like all identical twins, will have its own identity, its own life.

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