Homophobia is generally defined as the fear of gay people, of homosexuality or of people from same gender. It is therefore a well-maintained bias against homosexuals.

“The aggression aimed at homosexual people is a form of racism. It usually comes from people who lead a miserable sex life, and, being jealous, cannot tolerate that others could blossom while living something different.”

Homophobic people are very often experiencing guilt feelings because their religion made them believe that living sexually with a person of the same sex was not acceptable even sinful. Inhabited by this belief, the suffering increases when they are confronted with persons of the same sex enjoying being together, loving each other and having fun. Aggression and frustration grows inside and make people becomes aggressive when being confronted with a reality he or she wishes to live.

“These same people who condemn homosexuality will forgive very easily a man charged with raping a woman, even though it is an abominable crime. Among the Raelian Guides there are male and female homosexuals, there are heterosexuals and bisexuals. All of them are blossoming because they are conscious of being loved for who they are with the opportunity to fulfil themselves living in their body as they please, in a fraternal communion of thought that no other religion is able to give them.”

« True heterosexual people have no problem with gay people »

In 1996 after Rael made this statement, a team of psychologists at the University of Georgia conducted an experiment with heterosexual men, including some homophobic. The experience has demonstrated that the so-called homophobic straight men felt sexual arousal when viewing homosexual erotic scenes. The searchers concluded that homophobic people were holding back a sexual attraction towards persons of the same sex.

«Almost all homophobic people have some homosexual tendencies. Their religion make them hate so much this part of themselves that they turn their aggressiveness toward gay people.»
Maitreya Rael 2014