True Spirituality

True Spirituality

True spirituality... promotes freedom and happiness...

“A true spirituality never spawns guilt or social normalization. Instead, it promotes freedom and happiness by encouraging you to be different from others, not a robot conforming to repressive traditions”. Raël

All primitive religions, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, are wrapped in sins and guilt, mostly about sexuality. When you base your spirituality on supernatural things which does not exist, you develop guilt and fears, anxiety or panic attacks and even psychiatric illnesses.

Churches are indeed disappearing and the population is now mostly atheist. After having for so long generated guilt, especially about sexuality, and caused so many mental illnesses, it's about time these organizations disappear.

The world does not need any myth to make us feel guilty, neither an almighty god, nor heaven, or hell, or even sins, but instead it needs new atheist spiritualities, as what the Raelian Movement offers and teaches in its Happiness Academies.