Raelian Spirituality

The Raelian Spirituality

The teachings of the Elohim show a high level of spirituality and they are 100% materialistic. Why is it better? Due to the fact, when you base your spirituality on something which does not exist, as a god for example, you develop irrationality in your brain, things that are not rational. And then a certain part of the brain that is not supposed to grow, ends up using a large space, which creates fear and guilt...

The Raelian spirituality is 100% rooted in scientific facts. For example, breathing, this is not something supernatural, just something physical; more oxygen, in the body and in the brain, more harmony, more happiness, more joy. It’s a scientific fact, there is no need of god for that.

All other meditations taught by the Elohim also find their origins in science. The more science and scientific research progress, the more they demonstrate their scientific veracity.

To have a spirituality is to feel connected with ourselves, connected to other people, connected to other people who are not Raelians, connected to people who hate us, connected to the Elohim (our Creators), connected to infinity. There is no need of god for that.

Elohim: a plural word found in the original Bible which literally means « those who came from the sky » and this word was mistranslated by god, in singular form.