Sensual Meditation

Sensual Meditation

The human beings are linked by their receptors, the senses, to the infinite which surrounds and composes them. By developing one's sensuality, one develops one's capacity to feel connected with the infinite, to feel infinite oneself.

Sensual Meditation is the "instruction manual" given to us to teach us how to master the harmonizing possibilities within the brain, by those best placed to know, those who designed the human being.

Allowing one to deprogram the Judeo-Christian inhibitions of guilt, while at the same time not falling into the ethereal mysticisms of the Eastern teachings, Sensual Meditation allows the human to discover his/her body and especially to learn how to use it to enjoy sounds, colors, smells, tastes, caresses, and particularly a sexuality felt with all one's senses, so as to experience the cosmic orgasm, infinite and absolute, which illuminates the mind by linking the one who reaches it with the universes he/she is composed of and composes.

To get there: the Sensual Meditation: to meditate(meditare -Latin): meaning to exercise, to train ourself. As its name suggests, is a daily exercise in which we discipline ourself to do, to ensure that its effects are installed. Sensual Meditation is an exercise that allows you to train to feel. Feel infinitely small we are made of and the infinitely large to which we belong.

Without totally liberated sexuality, and harmonious, it can not be totally awake. Sensual Meditation will thus awaken the senses to awaken the mind. This approach is completely different from everything that has been taught until now, to develop the senses of the mind and nourish the pleasure they bring.