Religion of Future

Religion of Future

It is this type of spirituality that will be the religion of the future. 
It will be a religion without a god, where man feels connected to the infinitely small, the infinitely large, and infinity in time, that is to say eternity. 

The Elohim offered us their religion as a wonderful gift, thus allowing us the benefit of their 25,000 years of spiritual advance. 
The Elohim’s science is too advanced and too mysterious for us to comprehend or conceive even a small fraction of it.

But when we meditate and link up to infinity, we are equal to them spiritually. 
Infinity is one. And whether we are a primitive stone-age human, or a scientific Eloha, when we harmonize with infinity, we are one at the same level. We are part of the whole, connected to the whole, and feeling the whole.

That is the original meaning of religion. This word comes from the Latin 
religere, which means ‘to link’.

To be religious is to feel connected to the infinitely small particles that we are composed of, to the cells of our body, to all life on earth, vegetable or animal, to all our brothers and sisters of humanity, to all the other beings that populate the infinitely large universe, to all the stars and galaxies, to the huge beings made up of the particles we call galaxies, to all those who ever existed and who will exist, to All with a capital A. 

It is this material spirituality which is essential for the New Man. 
The more a civilization is scientifically advanced, the more it needs spirituality. 
However, it does not need a primitive spirituality, full of gods and superstitions, but a spirituality that allows us to be aware of the unity of mind and matter. 

As is written in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, ‘mind and matter are eternally one’. Happiness and fulfillment does not come from material objects, luxuries or the latest gadgets. Even eternal life will not necessarily make you happy. And to live forever, unhappy, feeling rejected from others, and from the universe can be the most despairing feeling of all... 

It is through a spirituality of connection that Man can truly appreciate the privilege of having achieved eternal life, thanks to science, and to enjoy it forever. 
That is the religion of our future. Even though it is just being born, we are seeing more and more people abandoning their medieval beliefs and converting.