Religions Ending...

The end of the deistic religions

Why will deistic religions disappear?

Most religions were founded after the passage of the Prophets sent to earth by our Creators, the ELOHIM. With time and lack of knowledge, they moved away from the original message of peace and love, they built a belief system based on a hypothetical god and cumulated too much wealth. They made their followers feel guilty, praying without the possibility to understand. The following errors will lead to their downfall:

  • They based their spirituality on an abstract concept, something empty; it can only lead to a mental imbalance or worse, a religious fanaticism that can result in violence.

  • They are institutionalized as businesses and have cumulated gold, silver and wealth. Many of their leaders depend on a salary or alms from among their followers. Poverty is advocated, although they live in opulence and wealth.

  • They continue to feed guilt about sexuality thus creating a psychological and spiritual imbalance. Discrimination against women is still very common.

  • They preach abstinence, but they let their clergy live an active sexuality in secret, even to the extent of sexually abusing children. In order to denounce the practice of pedophile priests and to protect our children RAEL created NOPEDO.

  • They insist into making believe that homosexuality is an act against nature even if scientific researches prove the opposite: homosexuality was found in most animal species in the wild.

All these prohibitions related to homosexuality have created a monster: homophobia.
Indeed, most homophobic people have homosexual tendencies. Their religion has made them hate so much this part of themselves that they turn their aggressiveness towards homosexuals.

The revelation of the creation of mankind by a civilization of scientists from another planet, thanks to the enlightenment it contains, gives new hope to people who are morose. But it will also hasten the fall of the Church - unless the Church can understand its mistakes and places itself at the service of the truth.