ARAMIS = Active Raelian Association for Multiplicity In Sexuality

Why did Aramis become an association of sexual multiplicity?
Here is the difference between minority, diversity and sexual multiplicity.

The sexual MINORITY represents a group of people inferior in number to the whole of humanity. These are people whose orientation differs from the majority and who can be perceived as being opposed to the majority. The person can often feel isolated and excluded.

Sexual DIVERSITY represents a set of people who differ from each other in gender, identity, sexual orientation, etc. Diversity includes all those differences in an organization or society. So it offers more integration than the minority. The person may feel more integrated with the rest of the world, but they never feel part of a whole.

The sexual MULTIPLICITY represents the very great number, the great diversity. It is abundance that includes all humans and they are indivisible. Everyone is on the same footing. The person is really part of a whole. From a different point of view, it amounts to saying what Maitreya Rael tells us: “We are ONE(*) and there is no separation, except that which we place ourselves and which distances us from each other."

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Denise Desrochers, graduate in sexology
Aramis National Leader - Canada
(*) Rael – The Maitreya, Extracts from his Teachings